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Jennings and Peacock blocks, 1880's. 151 Main Street is the 3rd building from the left.

Glenview Graphics was started by Roger Phillips in 2007, as Glenview Photography and Design in his former Locke home that overlooked Fillmore Glen State Park, hence the Glenview name. As of the end of 2021, Glenview Graphics was aquired by Danielle Mueller, who will operate the business going foward.

















Owasco Valley overlooking Fillmore Glen State Park


The company moved to its present location at 151 Main Street, Moravia in June 2008 with the purchase of a building and business then being operated as Cranebrook Studios. The building included ample space for a photography studio along with a fully operating embroidery and screen printing business.

Walter Tarzia started offering screen printing and embroidery services under the Cranebrook Studios name in the 1990s. He installed industrial class equipment that is still being used today. Although Walter retired upon the sale of the business, he continued to provide training and advice for several months afterwards.

Glenview’s screen printing and embroidery customers include businesses, municipalities, fire and ambulance companies, schools, churches, families and individuals from throughout southern Cayuga County and beyond. Any project can range from one to several hundred items. T-shirts are the biggest selling product; the company has printed an estimated 35,000 tees since 2008.

Although generally not needed, the company maintains partnerships with other companies that can do specialized printing or handle large volumes. The biggest advantage Glenview has in being able to do most projects in-house is that customers can come back for that “one more” item or to be able to quickly resolve any mistakes.

While embroidery and screen printing projects have steadily grown since 2008, the studio photography business didn’t grow enough to justify the original amount of building space that was set aside. This parallels a general decline in studio photography nationwide. Although off-premises photography services are still offered, studio photography was essentially eliminated in 2012.

Ready-made retail apparel and accessories has been a core offering since moving to the 151 Main Street location. The retail shop in the front of the building was renamed “Moravia Things” in 2013 to help focus attention on the type of goods being offered. Many area-specific items have since been added including books, postcards and local artwork.

The building at 151 Main Street in Moravia dates back to the mid-1870's when it was built by John V. Peacock as a furniture store. Starting in the 1880's, hardware, stoves and furnaces were sold at this location under various proprietorships.  In 1926, Charles Mather, in partnership with his uncle Frank Mather, purchased the hardware business and added a line of electric goods and services. Mather Electric moved to the northeast corner of Main and E. Cayuga Streets in 1929 to make way for a franchise of The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P).







                 Jennings and Peacock blocks, 1880's.                                                             Jennings, A&P and Fire House, 1946,
        151 Main Street is the 3rd building from the left.                                                         much as the block appears today.


When first built, the building had three stories and matched the two bays of Jennings Department Store to the south. A fire badly damaged the building in May 1931, causing the A&P to move temporarily to another location. When the building was repaired, the third story had been removed and the brick front was modernized to 1930's standards. The A&P returned in 1936 where it remained until the early 1970's.

After the A&P closed, the building housed at various times, The Moravia Shopper advertising paper, a promotional goods company, a sports memorabilia shop and a gift shop.

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