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We can printed a name on the back or sleeve of many items we sell. Just fill out some basic information in the boxes provided. 

  • First box: text for customization (eg. SMITH)
  • Second box: Additional instructions such a special characters, punctuation or any other details needed. If you are buying multiple items, you need to tell us which ones and which sizes get which name.
  • We will print the name you request in a color that complements any design printed or embroidered on the item.
  • The type style will be a standard block sports font unless your request something else (or in some cases will be determined in advance for the item you are buying).
  • Sleeve names are only available for 3/4 or full long sleeve items.
  • Printed names cannot be applied to sweaters or other fuzzy surfaces.
  • If you would like an embroidered name go to this product

Printed Name (add on item)

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