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Glenview Graphics Operations Update, November 24, 2020

Here is how we have adapted and evolved to the COVID-19 world

  • We continue to design, produce screen printed and embroidered items just as before. We are committed to delivering the same or better standard of high-quality products.

  • Thanks to support from the Small Business Administration, we have worked hard to retain our employees and keep them as busy as possible.

  • We respect and follow as best we can guidelines for protected the health of our customers, employees and families. This means we follow rigorous cleaning procedures and observe face covering and social distancing guidelines. We also screen all employees upon arrival for COVID-19 symptoms. All employees and visitors are documented in order to facilitate contact tracing should the need arise.

  • In order to make our work environment as safe as possible, we limit the number of employees working in our building at any time by staggering work schedules and have reorganized work areas.

  • For various reasons, we no longer offer in-store retail shopping and have moved as many of our retail products as possible online. We are partnering with local retailers to make available some of your favorite items in their stores and continue to seek creative ways to deliver our products. If you don't see your favorite item, please let us know.

  • We provide curbside service for pick up of items.

  • In order to reduce traffic in our shop, we will be focusing more on mass orders. While we still desire to fulfill single or few items orders, we will do so only as work time allows.

  • Please ring the doorbell for service during our open hours or better yet, call ahead and set up an appointment time.

May you stay healthy and safe,

Roger & Karen Phillips


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